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I will design a professional book cover for you in one day!

Hey there! I’m trying to get my first order here, and to be honest I’m having trouble. I’m a graphic designer with many years of experience that is willing to create an original cover design for you in one day. I would appreciate if you considered being my first order. Alternatively, could you give me a few tips on how to get some orders? Thank you either way! Here are my examples;

Here is the link;

Have a nice day!


wow, great design! Keep sending buyer request and promote your gigs on social media’s hope you get an order soon


Thank you for the advice! Is it normal not to see any buyer requests? I’m really new here so I’m not sure :blush:

I was impressed by the pictures and am looking for fiction book covers, so I checked out some of the examples. I’m a bit confused.

I looked up “Black Water Lilies” and the book says that an Amanda Kain designed the cover, which is not you.
I couldn’t find any of the other books, although I didn’t spend tons of time looking.

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visit my profile! hope you will get good work

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raise your price - 20$ is way too low for that type of work - and you will get more orders.

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Hey! I get the confusion, when I uploaded the design on my portfolio I made it pretty candid but I totally forgot to add it somewhere in the gig. Here is the statement;

“I want to make clear that the design idea is NOT mine. I had purchased this book by Michel Bussi in Greek and, looking it up online, I found a completely other desing for the French book. This is not a demonstration of my skill in pitching ideas but a demonstration of my Photoshop skills. This is a recreation, and I take no credit for the idea!”

I’ll probably just change the cover in my examples, the only reason I included this is because I thought I did a good job with the Photoshop aspect!

The rest of the book covers were made for non-commercial use — but, if the authors wish to traditionally publish the books, we’ve already discussed the payment.

Really? I thought people were looking for cheaper services, but maybe that puts them off?

“curiosity killed the cat” - e.g., if you are [a bit] more expensive potential buyers will be curious why you are more expensive - and once have a look at your portfolio understand why and hopefully make an order. For instance, i don’t have book cover gigs on fiverr, but I did book covers for real life clients and my starting price was over 300$. We are talking about real - paper books - here, not ebooks. Publishing a book as an author sets you back at least a few thousand, so asking for a fraction of the cost makes perfect sense.

At the end what do you prefer - 50 clients [and jobs] paying you $20 or 10 clients [and jobs] paying you $100 - I guess thats a rhetorical question :wink:

Also, a higher price filters out bad buyers - trust me, at some point they WILL create issues when your [cheap] gigs get popular.

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Make sense! $300 does sound a bit jarring since I haven’t had a lot of commercial experience, but I’ll definitely bump it up to 40-50 dollars and see what happens. Thank you for the advice, by the way, I really appreciate it!

Really awesome design. Keep it up.

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Isn’t it against copyright law to use other people’s designs for your commercial purposes? It’s definitely against Fiverr TOS. I’d suggest only using your designs to advertise your gig.

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Yeah, I totally understand. I removed the full image and until I remake the examples image I’ve added a disclaimer in the gig. I apologize for that!