I will design a professional front panel for your electronics project or device!



Hi Everyone!

I am an electrical and computer engineer student specializing in the fabrication of electro-mechanical panels.

I will design a high quality front panel for your electronics device or project.

You simply need to provide:

  • The dimensions of the panel or the datasheet of the enclosure
  • The color of the front panel, if any
  • Up to 6 drilling objects with their datasheet, description, and/or position on the panel
  • Up to 6 drilled holes with their description and/or position on the panel
  • Up to 6 text/engraving objects you require
  • Any other relevant information to your panel (hand-drawings, sketches, instructions, hyperlinks)

    I will use Front Panel Express (freeware) to design a high-quality panel for you to order. I will provide you with the final product file, ready to order through Front Panel Express.


@csousa2 ,

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