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I will design a recipe card with illustrations and images


  • I will make up to ten recipe cards using images, illustrations, shapes, color, gradients, and other adjustments.

  • I draw the illustrations with a pen then use Adobe Capture to convert them to digital drawings.

  • I offer packages of one, three, and five. If you want double sided, select how many images you want double sided. If you choose one double sided on one recipe card, you will get two recipe cards or if you choose five on five images you will get ten recipe cards.

Programs used: Photoshop CC and Adobe Capture
Fonts used: Select up to two during order requirements .
Image size: Horizontal (11 x 8.5 inches), Vertical (8.5 x 11 inches), Extra Wide (14 x 5 inches), Extra Tall (5 x 14 inches) or a custom size.
Files: PNG and TIFF for all packages. Pay extra for PSD file.


  • One Recipe Card PNG and TIFF files. One Revision. 3 Days Delivery. - $10

  • Three Recipe Cards PNG and TIFF files. One Revision. 5 Days Delivery. - $30

  • Five Recipe Cards PNG and TIFF files. One Revision. 7 Days Delivery. - $50

All gigs include:

  • Custom Graphics
  • Print-Ready
  • Social Media Design

Gig here:
If anyone has any questions I will answer them here!