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I will design an outstanding logo design logo

I can do design a logo for your brand, company, shop or website…

I can design any type of logo such as flat logo, minimalist logo, vintage logo, versatile logo, signature logo, retro logo, watercolor logo, simple logo, text based logo etc…

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Thanks !

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Heyy there i designed my logo with a fiverr seller and now i am having second thoughts as my business is currently a spa services but my worry is i may need to change my logo and of course business name down the track as i have decided to add hairdressing services to my business therefore i am worried. Am i stuck with the logo i created with fiverr seller?
But by the way i didnt pay copyright so i dont see it should be a problem. I dont know what to do please help me


hey, can I see your current logo?
your logo should represent your business that what services you are providing…
do you think your logo is perfect for your business?

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This is my current logo
In years time i want to change it because i will do Hairdressing services so i will need to change my current logo AND business name

Will i need to do this with the same person who designed it for me? I havnt paid copyright for my current logo so will this affect me in future when im changing?

Please help me be honest with me

Thanks in advance


well, if you want to edit the name of your logo then same person is better choice because he/she have source file of this logo so he can easily and quickly update the logo. but if you want to change entire logo design then you can choose anyone (same person is not important) and it will not affect in future.

your logo design have not any symbol, icon or special vector design so don’t worry about copyright.
I have seen lots of logos which are similar to your logo design. this is common logo design.

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like your content its really good

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