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I will design dark illustrations and draws

hi, i’m an aspirant visual art designer, and usually i do illustrations on requests. So if you are looking for a detailed and well done dark-grotesque illustration for prints or just for fun, you can check the link and contact me -

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Your illustrations are excellent! And I like the fact that you’ve gone down the darker route with them… I haven’t checked, but I can imagine this is a niche that’s not too saturated, but should have some high demand…

Have you thought of creating specific gigs around the potential end-purpose of the user? Two things that spring to mind would be graphic novels or tattoos. Perhaps offering a gig where you say something like “I will design an awesome dark tattoo for you” or similar? Just a thought.

And maybe include a video of yourself - perhaps something of you in your studio/at your desk, to show buyers that you’re legit and give them an idea of who you are. Videos really do make a big difference.

Good luck with your gigs.

thanks for the tips, i’ll try to improve my work on fiverr :innocent: