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I will design modern, professional logo for you

In this gig, i will do unique logo design , modern design & business logo design with creativity and professionalism

Let’s create an amazing logo for your product, service or businesses and turn it into a REAL BRAND.

My logo style is modern, minimalistic and powerful. My designs always create an impact and are simple enough to be memorable for people to become familiar with your brand, while being completely unique!

All logos are monochrome-compatible (there are no overlapping lines or shapes, no transparencies or low opacities) which makes them 100% versatile (you can print these on shirts, vinyl, emboss them on hard materials, etc…)

Although only one final polished design is provided, it is created by iterating through many versions in order to provide the best possible one. One that not only looks good, but that aligns with your vision.

Revisions are minor revisions, they do not include a different design or new concept. If you wish to see something specific, please let me know when ordering!

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