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I will design professional icon and logo

hi guys,how are you.i’m a app icon and logo designer.


You might want to correct your spelling.


thanks for your recommend

I am serious. Spelling “guys” as “gays” carries a meaning that could be offensive to some people. I strongly recommend that you correct your spelling. Proper English goes a long way toward helping other people understand you.


where are you from? h

Where I am from is completely irrelevant to my encouragement within this topic.

If you really need to know where I am from, it isn’t hard to find that information.

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you are very serious person.

I am serious when I need to be, and I can also be fun and humorous when I want to be.

I see you edited your first post. Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum. Take some time to look around. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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funny i right?

Not sure what you mean by funny but you will learn a lot and can have fun too.

There are rules of course: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

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yea.many types of rules in here.

Of course. Rules establish boundaries. And boundaries establish communities. We can’t have everyone doing whatever they want, and getting away with things they shouldn’t.

Everything in life has rules. This forum is no different.

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welcome to fiverrr> cngratulatins> i am new here also