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I will design quality logo for you at very cheap rates


Hi there,

I have 3 years of experience in this field and can design for you a custom, quality,eye-catchy and unique logo with UNLIMITED REVISIONS.

Warm Regards,
Logo/graphic design services


As you’ll see time and time again on this forum, you’re just waving a flag and advertising you want buyers to take advantage of unlimited revisions. Best to limit it to 1 or 2; if the buyer really feels they need more they can pay for it.


Hey look, I’m offering all of these because I am fond of it, not because of some earning or any other reason okay!?


Maybe you’re not just in it for the money, neither am I; I love what I do too. But if you’re that intent on giving away work for free, your time might be better used to find a charity to help out instead of a scammer.

I’m not suggesting you leave Fiverr or anything; I’m just saying you need to be careful and don’t sell yourself short.


Hows matters to you bro! m doing my work on my own way.Its none of your business, you get that!?


I just created business card design gig. :slight_smile:


Hey, no need to get defensive. I’m just warning you that there are bad buyers who are most certainly willing to abuse unlimited revisions.