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I will design simple and cool text logo for you :)


I have been working as a graphic designer for quite some time now i I design text logos and my style is sometimes minimalistic but cool i always try to meet the buyers demands and my ultimate goal is the byers happiness


Hi. how is my service…


Reply to @hemanthalaksir: i don understand, what do you mean


Is this really the right part of the forum for this? This section is “Tips For Buyers”, and the original post seems to be just trying to sell his own gigs. And the second post might be just another seller saying his version of “Well, what about buying MY gigs, too!” Probably both on the theory that a good logo could help you sell your own gigs, but really, one could say the same about half the gigs on Fiverr.

Please keep notices trying to sell your own specific gigs in the section of the forum designed for that, called “MY FIVERR GIGS”. Let’s keep the topics in the proper place so readers can happily come to the forum and find subjects they WISH to follow without having to look past unrelated items.


These are my designs