I will Design web banner,fb timeline cover,fan page cover for you


i have followed graphic design course…not only that, i have many experience…


You need someone to help you with your English! The grammar in your profile and gigs is bad. This turns a lot of people away from your gigs.

Also, you are new so you need to give it some time. It took me two weeks to get my first order.

Another thing, you have a gig that says “I will translate UNLIMITED Words of Most Languages for $5”. My instant impression of you when I see this is that your work is a shortcut and not good. The only way you could really translate unlimited words in most languages (and you require text) is to use some translating program. (also, your poor English does not encourage people to use you as a translator).


hi dennis

in the same time u must promote your gigs on facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. for find buyer

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I will tweet your message, ad, promotional links, pic, advertisement or what you want to my real, fun, loyal, amazing and active 15600 Twitter followers (not bot).


good luck


Reply to @dr_joshua: tnx bro… can you give me uncommon titles for my gig’s


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Reply to @sajilpl: can you help me for good description…???