I will design your business card for $5


For $5 we will design a professional business card plus ★★A Free Logo Design★★. After ordering we will ask you details about your preferences when designing your card. UNLIMITED revisions are offered with this gig :slight_smile: Feel free to drop us a note if you have questions before placing an order. Thank you!



Great gig and I hope you have great success. One suggestion, I would remove “UNLIMITED revisions are offered with this gig” The reason I suggest this is because people will run you over with this offer. Say you design a card for someone and 8 months down the road they decided they needed a new look for their card, they send you a message and you do the gig all over again for free. If you want to offer revisions that is great but I wouldn’t put it in the description or if at least put a time frame on it.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks for the tip! Maybe I’ll at least put a time frame as you suggested. Based on my experience so far, the most number of revisions do not exceed 5. :slight_smile:


Glad I could help. I am ALL about going above and beyond but you also have to take care of business also. Good luck


Reply to @tn5rr2012: That’s so true