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I will design your logo in 590$ only

check my gigs


Your prices are very high.

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That’s because the services are great! You can’t expect great results for cheap prices.

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Well portfolio doesn’t show that great services

Higher prices doesn’t mean higher quality.

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this is a world class renowned logo creator. He can charge the price he want. Who already proved to the entire world his competence.

a just arrived seller must prove this first to charge a high price. There is a huge difference on this.

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Yeah, I was just kidding :wink:

Let’s not go off-topic.

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Your prices are very high for a brand new gig. I don’t see any reviews on it yet. It’s great that you aren’t undervaluing yourself, but I think only pro sellers can justify prices that high. I had a wonderful logo made by a very professional seller for only $50 (I think…it was awhile ago, but in that ballpark).

I’m not saying you aren’t worth that price. Maybe you are, but if that’s the case you should apply for Fiverr Pro, so buyers understand why the price is so much higher than others.

It’s going to too cheap:thinking::crazy_face: