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I will Detect Misery Causing Curses in Your Life with Ancient Secrets of Vedic Astrology

You have never hurt anyone, but people deliberately hurt you. Why?

You have never been dishonest but many people have plundered your wealth or ruined your career. Why?

You never cheated on your love/wife, but yet every partner you make, cheats upon you or dumps you. Why?

You keep going through a circle of constant miseries even though you never caused misery to anyone. Why?

The answer to this puzzle lies in "THE CURSE!"

The Law of Karma/Nature is not biased to punish one person or reward the other for nothing. There is a deep reason behind everything.

If you have not done any harm to anyone and you are still being harmed in your life, know that you are UNDER A CURSE. Yes I repeat, UNDER A CURSE.

Abhiśāpa or ­śāpa, otherwise known as a Curse, is an invocation to the superior powers, in order to cause harm and bring about suffering to another person or persons, nation or lands. The person bestowing the śāpa or curse causes misfortune to another by evoking the Gods or supernatural elements. Consequently, the cursed person is engulfed by misery and hardship, while cursed lands are devastated by wars, strife, floods and famine. A person is instigated to curse because of extreme and intense emotions, namely, anger (Mars), sorrow (Saturn) and shock (Rāhu). Such emotion ignites a person to curse, which leads to the denial of the basic aspects of happiness and content in life like marriage, children, family, home, money, and profession etc. of the cursed subject. Our lives are very often bound in curses, silently suffering the burden of their karma from either the past or the present life. Curses and karma therefore have a symbiotic relationship. Hardship and denial in one’s life can be frequently rooted in a curse from the past life. Identifying curses in a horoscope is thus an important tool for determining the cause of suffering in this life and this gigs aims to do just that.

Did you know that a curse or ill spell is like a chasing snake in your life? Wherever you go, whatever good your perform, these curses can curse your lifetime! This is a true Vedic fact. If you have been the reason for someone’s ill spell or curse for causing their tears or difficulties, these curses chase your good times for a lifetime.

Getting to know what and whose curses play a current effect on your life will change your life at once! I play my role here by studying your chart in detail, analyse the prospective areas of curses and let you know on them.

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