I will do 10 images Neck joint, Ghost mannequin for $5


Neck joint or the Ghost mannequin also called Combo, Montage is related with garments products.

When a photographers take photos of a product wearing it on a mannequin that time the inner side remains invisible. To make this visible generally photographers took another picture of that inner side only.

Later I adjust those and make them one which looks real and the product looks better.

I love helping my customers complete their projects in friendly and timely manner. I always work very hard to deliver quality and professional output for customer’s satisfaction.

Please send me pictures clothing on the mannequin, then take another photo with the clothing inside out on the mannequin (The two photos)

I can make your product look far better which will increase your sell. So do not wait, let me handle your images, within 6-24 hours I will make your product shots a masterpiece !