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I Will Do 20 Images Background Removal

Ok, we’re up to 20 now, are we? How about 100 images for 5$? What about 1000?

Keep going, you’ll surely win the race to the bottom :wink:

thank you for your message…

Please don’t thank me for stating the obvious. Put some effort into learning skills and making your work more valuable. There are THOUSANDS of people here trying to sell stuff like “I’ll remove the background from your images for 5$”. It’s saturated. The first guy was removing the background from one image for 5$. When the second guy came, he couldn’t get orders (because everybody would hire the first guy, because he has more reviews), so he made a gig to remove the background from 2 pictures for 5$.

Now you are offering to remove the background from 20 images for 5$. You’ll probably sell one or two gigs, until somebody else creates a gig offering to remove the background from 30 images for 5$. And then you will get no orders.

And then what you’re gonna do? Cry? Or offer to remove the background from 40 images for 5$?


Yea you have some points there. Just as OP is in order with his gig pricing. He may be “cheapening” his gig but for some newbies (dunno if OP is one) who ‘badly’ need the pay and the reviews, there may be no other option. Perhaps, later on when the time gets right, the gig price gets adjusted to the ‘right’ value.

The problem is that it will never happen. The moment he increases his prices, everyone will jump to the next seller dong the same work for 5$. Why? Because it’s a line of work that requires no skill or expertise, just access to a computer with photoshop or an equivalent program. Anybody can do it.

You can justify having two sellers, one charging 10$ and another 100$ for stuff like video editing, writing, website building, etc. Why? Because the results will be different - you will at least expect better results from the more expensive seller.

Removing a background from an image? The results will be the same - either the background will be correctly removed, or not. There’s no creativity, no artistic licence, nothing.

You’re right! But on here is all about competition. Whatever it takes to draw Buyers - within the TOS - is all there is. This is market, remember?

You are thinking short term. If people keep doing it, soon nobody will be able to make any money doing that kind of work. How long does it take to remove the background from 20 images? And from 50? And from one hundred? If you need to work 10 hours for 5$ to get any orders, wouldn’t it be better for you to just quit Fiverr and get a job anyway?