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I will do 5 minutes of coherence, meditation with you

Okay, trying another gig type to see if this one will land my first customer.

Any thoughts, tips, suggestions are welcome.

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To be honest, 5 minutes feels like a mean starting point for a service offering meditation - and because of this, to me, it doesn’t inspire confidence. You would be unlikely to find a practitioner in the real world offering just 5 minutes of meditation.

I think you need to set a more realistic base level, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and then adjust your prices / offer accordingly. 5 minutes is too short. It feels wrong.

Beautiful feedback @english_voice. Thank you! Maybe instead of saying meditation, it could be renamed to “coherence”, as that is what we are doing: raising heart coherence by self regulating the heart rate variability.

I chose to offer this because 1) It was suggested offering a $5 service to get the first gig is helpful and 2) I’ve been using a biofeedback device for years now to help study the body and biological response and data shows that 5 minutes of silence does indeed improve our heart rate variability and heart coherence. It is my hope that people learn that they can achieve improvement in simply 5 minutes. I lead groups of people through 28 day experiments where we collect data with a biofeedback device from heart math, called the inner balance. Here is the experiment:

What is the easiest meditation for starter?

Observe the breath. @designdunia

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