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I will do 500 blog comment,Article,Social,directory for $5


500 will have a combination of Blog comments(40-50%), Social network (15-20%), Article directory (15-20%), Web directory (15-20%) in the descending order. Percentage of actual may slightly vary depending on your niche

Atleast 500 will be do-follow and some extra no-follow also so that l*nk appear natural to search engines

you will have to send

  1. your website url
  2. 5 keywords for which you want improvement in rank on BIG G
  3. 3-4 Website title for web directories if different from keywords.

    optional item for you to send

    1-2 Article that will be posted to article directories

    if not than we will create a short article and spin it will free spinner and post to article directories.

    Very balanced seo service that takes care of your anchors, contextual links, long lasting directory link. This service alone would help your site rank higher in google for longer keywords of say 5-9 words. These links won’t hurt your site(google updates safe)

    No illegal,porn,warez stuff.

    60 days replacement promise on all orders, lost backl*nks will be replaced unconditionally for 60 days even without your reminder

    For more difficult keyword Please select extra


How much time take dude to do this done


5 days would be enough .

Here is the gig link

thanks for showing interest


did some editing and instead of going live it has gone for approval, is it normal?.