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I will do 7 image clipping path

I am providing 7 Normal Clipping Path for Background Remove or Cut Out with US $5.00. or 3 multiple paths specific colors change only $5

If there are multiple objects in the photo and they have to be isolated independently, or to isolate specific colors or parts of an object so that they can easily be reprocessed individually we use multiple paths. In the case of the latter, a path or mask is not only created around the outline of an object, but also around the various components such as clothing, skin, hair, etc. This allows (part of) an object to be colored afterwards based on actual color swatches, without the rest of the image being affected. A component can even be given a whole different color (see recoloring).

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Normal Image: Maximum 7 images

Hard Image: Maximum 3 images

1 Image I am give as a test so, within short time can check the Quality of Clipping Path for Background Remove and high quality Cut Out so that easily can use in any New Background.

Without 100% Satisfaction with Quality.