I will do 70 items background removal in just 5$


I have intensive and good experience. I am here to provide you professional work with magical creativity and high quality finishing.

My Services are:
Background Removal:- Background removal/ Changing/Transparent. It also depends on your pictures complexity.The pictures background is removed from many aspects according to the need.
Pen Tool:- Use Pen Tool to for background removal from various variations.
Blur:- I can blur your pictures background.
Retouching:- Color correction, contrast, Sharpness, Saturation brightness and adjustments.
Resizing:- Resize any Photos/images. Increase or decrease image size without effect the quality.
Crop:- Crop using lesso tool, polygonal lesso tool and magnetic lesso tool
Clipping path:- It is the most important part to smooth and clear your item.
My Gig is specially useful for:
✪ ebay Store
✪ E-Commerce
✪ Website
✪ Marketing or Advertising
✪ Social Media

I have Big discount for big orders.

Provide your Photos in any format with high resolution which include JPG, PNG, PSD, JPEG etc
Feel free to contact me for an effective work and let me apply me creative skills.

Order now and experience my work


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