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I will do 99 background removal rapidly


Ahahahah. Now that’s sad.


I think you need to make some changes to you Gig.

First off, 5 images for $5?

Oh, and with unlimited revisions!

I love that.

It means I can hire you, send you five images and get you to revise them about 50 times each and it’s only going to cost me $5.

After Fiverr takes their cut, you’ll make $4 and you will have spent a couple of days trying to please me (I’m a very difficult Buyer).

See what I mean?

I’d increase your price to $10 or $15 and eliminate the mention of unlimited revisions.

Oh, sorry.

You didn’t ask for feedback.

It looks like you are just promoting your Gig here.

I think you may want to read the Terms of Service.

Otherwise, have a great day.


bruh unlimited revisions and unlimited photos? you are crazy!


just nothing to say :laughing:

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I could offer this to and you can as well since you do not do anything. You import folder with images in program and click RUN. program removes backgrounds and exports the new images in new folder in PNG file format.

You have couple of similar GIGs that are based on automatization.

Like selling 5000 motivational posters with your logo. What they do is create Action in photoshop, then select folder and click run on action. photoshop puts logo on each file and exports it automatically.

It was tempting but I decided not to do it.

I did created something similar, OBS stingers for 5$. Same concept I have template of 1000 stingers. I put logo in and click export, 5-15 minutes work. But I like stinger transitions and I use them and offer tutorials for them so that gig was logical to have.


His prices are not bargain, for what is worth he is very expensive. You have top rated and Level 2 sellers on first page offering a lot more for less money. Price of having stronger graphic card and computer.


Good grief. I didn’t believe the comments. I do now after seeing your gig with my own eyes!

You are actually offering unlimited photographs with unlimited revisions? You’re crazy.

You do realise that a buyer could send you work to keep you busy 24 hours a day, every day for the rest of your life? All for $45? You have basically sold your soul and disabled your ability to earn anything else for the sake of $45.

I’m almost tempted to order to demonstrate how ridiculous this is.


Me, too!

I’m really trying hard to resist placing an order and just asking for more each day for the next few weeks.


This is overpriced, heavily. 90% of sellers in that category have much better deals than that.

There is no work here being done, it is all automated. If buyers actually knew the site and program they could buy the program that does auto removal for the same price as his standard gig and then be able to use the program forever.

You also have programs that give you human-kind voice-over automated, with breathing, emotions, all of it. Right now the limits of the program are the number of voices and since “everyone” is using it, you can now recognize the voiceover done by that program easily. But not because it sounds strange or distorted.

You have apps and programs that create full songs from your sample humming… etc etc…

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I know the point you’re making… automation means that processing 100 / 1,000 / 10,000 pictures can take just seconds or minutes to complete. No biggie as we say.

But, I have never seen a gig offering unlimited photographs. In other words the job literally has no end. I could hire the op today and under his offer send him work every day for the next 10 years for example. At $45, that’s a daily rate of $0.01. Bargain!

Seriously, though. The buyer could cancel in nine years time and say the job hasn’t been completed satisfactorily! This is just stupid.

Please don’t feel attacked or anything because people tell you that your Gig settings are inappropriate. It may come off as harsh but it’s true - you’re literally selling your soul rather than a product. I think it’ll be fine if you just set a higher price and remove the unlimited revisions.

Look, sample, he is making more income then most of us, one gig, background removal, same terms and conditions as this OP is trying to get. Orders from 250 and over photos coming his way, first in row first page of results.

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Yes automaticly written songs & singers are soooooo goood. And I had to make the sounds for this seriously horrid “singer” with the thoughtless music the bot so kindly vomited up as the ones in-the-bot-box were beyond dire.

For an hour or so I thought about using this bot for a cheapie song demo service here but honestly, anyone who thinks this is good enough for anything but shaking their head at deserves what they get.



Well, they are but only during demo of the app. I hummed couple of times and program created amazing songs for me. then I got full version and nothing, zip. Uninstalled.

Once we stop fooling ourselves that a “weak AI” (or heuristics) bot:

  • wanna hold our hand
  • desires to rock & roll all night and party every day
  • holds back the years to remember Mike & The Mechanics’ Da

we realize that Art is about the human experience and the human experience is about all the wonderfully perfect imperfections that a human brings as they connect emotionally. As long as the bot has no desires, it can never connect with anything, no matter how perfectly clever everyone pretends it is.

This weird anti-human post-modernism where people think they can deliver better with automated garbage is sad indeed.

I read a few comments on Pay Pal post this morning where people who (stupidly) bought $10 knock-off garbage online were upset that to get a refund once the garbage turned out to be um, garbage they had to pay more to return the item that it cost in the first place. Never did they seem to realize that if a normal can opener that works 75% of the time costs $30 and a good one that works 99% of the time costs $50 anyone who claims their $10 miracle opener will work 100% of the time is a bald faced scammer. Assuming otherwise is dumb in the extreme.

The same dumb as thinking that “perfect” is made from bots. That a lack of error equals perfection. I bet if we applied Hipster rules of perfection to Luis Armstrong “What A Wonderful World” we would find technical problems everywhere, yet it persists as a lovely piece of work that raises us as we hear it.


Someone on the forum gave a link to a site where it automatically removed backgrounds. I don’t know if the one you are talking about is different but the site version didn’t remove the backgrounds perfectly (at least for every image) and I thought there was a per image charge for it if you actually wanted to use it/save the images. So if it’s not going to be perfect it could be quite a lot of work to fix any issues the buyer saw. If it worked perfectly there’d be no need for any rotoscoping gigs. But I’m sure it would have a difficult time knowing what the foreground things you wanted to keep are and what is background for every image/frame.

wow you open my mind. I didn’t know about that, simply awesome

No, I was not talking about sites that do it for free. I was talking about software programs that full license is around 19.99$ or similar range where you get almost perfect results all the time.

To keep it short,

upsy dupsy day

if you need background removal contact me :slight_smile:
I do 1 image for 10$. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Do you know the name of that software?

Though I’m still not sure how it would know what things the buyer wants to be in the foreground and what not (maybe it allows the user to paint roughly where the foreground subjects are sort of like rotobrush). Though at other times it’s probably quite clear what should be foreground.

Maybe it could help people doing 2100 frame rotoscoping for $15 :slight_smile: - though for that would looks good for stills might not for video - like if edges aren’t consistent throughout

I really can’t remember, it was in one of those Peter Roszak emails I get all the time since I bought his VideomakerFX for typography and kinetic videos.

He has most of the “cool” programs but I do not like that they are online (it is a one-time licence but the program is web-based) I only purchase offline software. He created or worked on the new 3D animating software automated (you copy-paste script and the program makes video for you and splits the text) and also he has speechelo for natural voiceovers, all these 50$ programs most of the freelancers (new ones) are using.

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