'I will do a black magic TRS badge attraction spell'


‘I will do a black magic TRS badge attraction spell’ – Does someone offer that?

I just passed my 2-year mark on Fiverr in March, and I’m getting kind of hopeful for that TRS badge :heart_eyes:

There are 25 sellers in my category who aren’t offering any “unique” services and they have the TRS badge. I’ve been a member longer and have more reviews than some of them. Plus, I was the first to offer the 5000 words pricing model, like I continue to do in combination with quality work.

I could start charging more for my services, but I like being an affordable option for budding authors and low-budget startups. However, I did add an in-depth option at the start of the year to cater to people who needed more things covered.

Is there a way to get the staff’s attention, or should I wait another two years and 3000-4000 reviews? :smile:


Saw the title and clicked on it! :grinning:

I don’t think it’ll hurt to submit a request for The Editorial Team to review.
As for the spell… I’ve heard nice things about TRS Misscrystal, she probably could cook up something magical for you! :wink:



If you ever find a spell like that please let me know as I will need it also. :slight_smile:


I am offering it, but once you order the spell might take about 1 year give or take, before it works.


Who knows? Maybe there are some Fiverr team members lurking around in the forums and have access to some magic crystal badges.


Please wait… your :telephone_receiver: is important to us. Thank you.

Cue: Holding :musical_note:


… the only spell I know for that is:

Work hard, be polite at all times, give your best in every delivery and love what you do…

I bet it will work after a while, uh?..
,… and if not… who needs the badge?
You know what your work is worth, and your clients too… no badge can change that :slight_smile:


How do I get in touch with the editorial team? I might give that a shot :smile:


Through support, like a regular support ticket.


Submit a :envelope_with_arrow: ticket to Customer Support ~ they’ll forward your request to the right people. :relaxed:

Edit - @thecreativeguys typed faster lol.


I actually tried that this morning, and Gio (he’s always so nice!) said Customer Support didn’t have any say…I guess he didn’t want to forward it :disappointed: That’s why I thought maybe there was another place to email.

I got the canned response listing the requirements…hand picked by editors, unique service, bla bla bla.

Oh well, maybe one day :blush:


Support is amazing though it can depend on who responds to your inquiry.

They WILL review your account and I remember seeing it somewhere that they may even consider - because sometimes they may have missed a “good” seller.

But now I’m coming to think, does TRS really come to every seller with several thousand reviews? I mean I’ve seen sellers with 300 reviews with the TRS badge. Anyway, back to the original message, I’d think about sending a follow-up message in 3-6 months!


Thanks for the info! I will do that later in the year then…maybe 4700 reviews will be the lucky number. :slight_smile:


If it is any consolation, I used to do over 100 orders a month when I was level 2 and was on the first page for articles and blog posts, in the top 3-4 rows. Now I get 20-30 orders a month, mostly from repeat buyers and am on the 5th/6th page. Sure I earn more because now my orders are bigger, but most of my buyers are repeat buyers, they don’t care whether I am TRS/level 1/2/3 whatever. They just want their work done.


I will do black magic for a TRS, ayooo lol


TRS seller seems like a huge mystery! And you know… if they want to hand pick TRSs - ok that’s fine- but give the rest of us a to do list. Tell us exactly what you are looking for. I would imagine it’s good for business to have top rated sellers. Not sure why it is such a mystery but when you ask CS about it - they won’t tell you anything.


@phantompower You’re going to have to make that a sneaky custom offer! :smiley: Offering a gig that isn’t guaranteed to produce results within 30 days (or less) can be denied if someone complains. I think you’d get some complaints on yours! :urn: