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I will do a video manual for windows desktop application.using Camtasia to review your website!


I will use Camtasia to review your website, product, video, services, whatever can be shown on the screen

i will do a video manual for windows desktop application. with good quality video (preferably made with TechSmith codecs, from producers of Camtasia) that can be without voice Or with Voice can have little text oversof some one executing an application, working with it (probably explaining what am doing), so that viewer can simply repeat those steps… I will do a Review, telling what I think about it, (you can write the script, or leave it to me) it will positive, and up-lifting. I will make your site look terrific, and lead the viewer to ‘click on the link’ or what action you’d prefer… Up to one minute for $5, over a minute, add another gig and so on. …50 words is one minute… ASK FIRST…if you are not CERTAIN.

I can make a testimonial video in 3 languages:English arabe or in frensh also i can make it Hd video u can put it in youtube or facebook ,or any network u want

Arabic Exampeles :