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I Will Do Amazon Keyword Research For Amazon Product Ranking



Are You another one whose keep worrying because of not having enough sales in Amazon ?
Believe me that is not indication that you are a bad seller or Your products are ! That indicating only one thing … That is You need my service!

How can I help You ?
I am a digital marketer by profession who has more than 5 years of experience hustling with google for ranking websites. Even You aware or not in Amazon , eBay and all other websites which has a search bar there is a search algorithm powering all the searches happening with in the site. By doing a keyword research I am able to find the best profitable transnational keywords that Your product should be ranking.

This package includes:

:heavy_check_mark: recommended keywords for your products title and products description.

:heavy_check_mark: recommended key words for PPC campaigns that you are planing to launch.

:heavy_check_mark: List of key words You should avoid ranking ( negative key words ).

:heavy_check_mark: List of key words that Your competitors ranking.

Amazing keyword research for Amazon Product Ranking