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I will do any graphic work for free


i will do your photo editing, graphic work, logo etc…for FREE as a promotion!!!..have a vast experience in graphics and photo editing …can see my works through portfolios… thanks…!!


This type of posts is not allowed and this is not the right categorie and it will not work for you doing it for free because you won’t be promoting anything, you will just have people coming to take free work from you then they leave and you get nothing because they can’t leave reviews also you might get penalized for spamming…


Please can you design a free and simple logo for ************.com


And what does OP get in exchange? Nothing! You’re a cheap person preying on even more clueless newbies.


I was about to say he could do a logo for me and post it here if he wants to but you have a point. OP won’t get anything in exchange.


Besides the fact that it’s nonsense, it’s not possible. You always have to charge at least $5,-


I can see the strategy: please free buyer with initial project, ask money for next projects and hope for word of mouth.

I see only a graveyard of “but it was free last time!”

I had a wonderful buyer shout at me earlier when I quoted $275 for his gig–he then ranted about how it should only be $15 according to his idea of how Fiverr worked and I was switch and baiting. He shut up when I pointed at the extras on that gig… which added up to $275 for exactly what he wanted.

OP: just offer more than everyone else is for $5 within your talents and ability to complete on time and you’ll be fine. This just… this is a horrible idea and devalues your work.


An admirable position… but you really don’t have to do that to build your experience and portfolio. Like everyone else who’s told you here, PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR GOOD WORK… so let them. Besides, $5 isn’t much removed from $0 but has the benefit of establishing an order track record, reviews, and a reputation on the platform. Reach out to posts on the Buyer Request page, or search for “HALP I NEEDZ A GRAPHIC DESIGNER” on Twitter, or pester some businesses in your neighborhood. Someone (I’m betting more than just one someone) will pay you at least $5 for a logo.


The buyers for whom you are working for will not value your time, and waste it…please value your profession and do not degrade it…


It looks bad when a seller gives his work away free. It is an act of desperation and announces that your work has no value. There are buyers who will actually pay money for your work.


Very true…


Well " the last time i knew " there was no such thing as free lunch


If you do something well, never do it for free.


ok dear, contact me…


thanks for your ideas!!..