I will do any graphic work for free


i will do your photo editing, graphic work, logo etc…for FREE as a promotion!!!..have a vast experience in graphics and photo editing …can see my works through gigs… thanks…!!


Im guessing you want reviews? But people cant leave review unless they’ve bought your gig.


This type of posts is not allowed and this is not the right categorie and it will not work for you doing it for free because you won’t be promoting anything, you will just have people coming to take free work from you then they leave and you get nothing because they can’t leave reviews also you might get penalized for spamming…


Hi, you won’t get anything at all out of doing free work. You won’t get a review or any sales from it.


Why are you posting this nonsense twice?


Silly Mario, it’s a promotion! Not a very good one, but still…


i think this is a new trick to get traffic on gig but this is nonsense