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I Will Do Anything Gigs

I love gigs that are titled “I Will Do Anything” because every time I try to order something from them they go, “sorry sir i cant do that [sic].” Also, what’s more funny: Them saying they can’t do something or them calling me sir?


Well that’s really funny if they call you “Sir” it’s like they misgender you :upside_down_face:
Anyhow it’s really a tricky gig name to be called “I can do anything” it’s really untrusted somehow, I mean no one can do anything… but I guess they are not really professional at all.


Its from India and also Pakistan, Bangladesh. They use google translator all the time :smiley:

If somebody misgendered me, I’d want to travel to Amsterdam to slap their bare legs with a wet towel.

@Hum_on_the_go, Hi! :slight_smile:

I owe you a PM. Keep your eyes on your inbox!


Good morning @ahmwritingco, Sure I look forward to your PM, CHEERS!!

Please don’t do that, it will hurt like hell. I’ll be good, I promise!! :joy:. I know a great Cafe in A’dam were we can sit, have a cup of coffee and have a good talk about our frustrations :crazy_face::rofl:

Your friend, Humberto


seem like you’re experienced with this. lol.


Hi there @oscarspaeglis, now wonder, this of course misspells their words in DEAR, SIR, LOVE etc, Dang, if they can’t even type their own words than they don’t belong here. This platform is based on English and this would make it very difficult for them to communicate with us, standalone with their clients. :thinking:

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I often misspells my words. Glad no grammar ■■■■ here. XD

I call people with their name if I don’t know their gender. Work every times…

That’s very professional @nulleka, so do I! It should be on anyone’s mind and common sense to refer a client or a seller here to their name? But it seem this is a huge problem here on Fiverr.

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I do that too. I call everyone by their names. Its very professional.

Well, not everyone. I am an Indian and there are a lot of Indians on fiverr who are working just fine. And yeah! there are some who are not good at English but they don’t last here.

You’re a persuasive guy, Mr. Humberto. I’ll put away the wet towel. :slight_smile:

In England, the only people who say “dear” are grannies. Whenever I hear somebody use that word, I immediately start imagining them as an 80 year old.


Yes, and the worst experiencex not only for me, but also the buyers who orders a gigs from me :smiley:

I’m a Pakistani and alot of people from my Country have success stories. Everyone is just trying to make a living atleast they are trying even with the communication gap.

No question that anyone from every spot of the world can be successful on Fiverr @rabia_hasan but to my mind it is a completely different story to try to make a living and to achieve success. For the second you need dedication, punctuality, and amazing communication skills AMONG OTHERS. If one does nothing about the “gap” you mentioned (and other flaws) they will always keep trying to make ends meet and nothing more. Eventually competition will kick them off. It is disrespectful and shows no attention to detail to call a lady “Sir”, given you can see her gender from her profile pic. Personally speaking this would put me off. If one cannot communicate BASICALLY they set the wrong foot for sales and success.
Just my 2 cents

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Yes I agree with you on all that. It’s just targeting Pakistan,India and Bangladesh for that matter seems wrong to me. In my opinion I can do anything gigs shouldn’t be allowed :slight_smile: If a seller keeps dealing the wrong way eventually they won’t be able to find work they can try though. I’m a new seller from Pakistan and hope to be successful but if I won’t be considered as I can see it is assumed we use translators but even with translators if someone is doing there job correctly then why not? :slight_smile:

If you feel that it it is fine to use a translator in order to communicate with a client, whenever you come from, then I can’t say much. Please know that translators produce a static result, while a spoken language abides by grammar rules among others. Try to translate something from your language to English with a software. If your English is adequate (and I see it is judging from your answers) you will understand what I’m talking about. Best of luck on your start on Fiverr :slight_smile:

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I understand your concern. Thank you and good luck :slight_smile:

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