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I will do best article writing for you


Are you looking for a writing service? If yes, you can hire me for your writing job. I am professional to make your content quite unique, Plagiarism free that change your reader into a buyer. Contact me here.


Does your service include grammar check?


Yes, i will give you grammatical error free, plagiarism free unique article…


The best advertisement for your service would be to check your own grammar first :wink:
All your replies here have grammar mistakes.


What’s up with the post hashtags? #writing #article

What topics do you prefer to write?

How long have you been writing?


:smiley: I wanted to ask the same thing. Confused about which platform it is?


Thanks, dear expert for your valuable suggestions. I already change my post…


And you posted this?



IKR the little :bird: is confused.


Now whats wrong! why you confused right now?


Interesting. Let’s hire you? Hmmmm


You should carefully verify both syntax and grammar.
For now you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Multiple times.


Because you didn’t answer my questions. :expressionless:

I’ll go drink my :coffee: now.


Thanks…Of course, I avoid this type of mistake in future…


Sorry! I do not give the answer to your question because I understand I have a mistake…and I try to make it correct


@farhadseo12 from this thread alone it’s clear that you’re not qualified to offer copywriting service. Every reply you’ve written so far has grammar mistakes.

However, we can’t tell you what you can or can’t sell and there are plenty of buyers who wouldn’t be able to tell if you’re offering a high quality service or not.
So, you might get a few more orders, but I would recommend finding a service that you’re actually good at and develop that.


Um, ok. :confused:

So, that’s how you will turn away potential buyers. If you can’t present your service properly, buyers will just move on.


I will try to do my best and improve myself soon


Actually, It is really poor by me…but I am not like that… I work for many buyers in different platform and got the best review as well. And I am still writing for my potential buyers over three years (though in fiverr I am new).


Right! Well, good luck with everything. :sunglasses: