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I Will Do Blockbuster Trailer 10


Please See My Gig And Let Me Know Any Think I Need To Change To Get More Sales.
Please Have A look


Well here’s an idea:

How about you don’t illegally resell vh templates?

I hear original work sells really great here on Fiverr.


i purchase this template from videohive


oh that’s great!

But do you purchase a new one everytime you make a sale? Because that’s why your operation is illegal.

The licensing on VH clearly states that it’s only valid for 1 end product.

So do you buy a $38 license each time you make a $10 sale?


no i have extended license $114


That’s still for one end product. You cannonly make one video for one client and then you need to delete your gig.


Do you need a link to Envato’s official licensing page for clarification?