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I will do c and c++ programming

i have just completed 7 orders and 3 are on the verge of getting completed. soon to be level 1.

if you have any problems regarding c programs or c++ i will be happy to help.

do you do anything in python by chance? D:

dont know about python but i guess if its just a difference in compliers than sure…i can make programs for sure :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s what im interested in… Maybe you can do it in C instead… xD

if you can, I’ll order it from you :smiley:

I know almost nothing about programming, so here goes!

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with livejournal, but its a “blog” website where you can “Tag” your article with tags that show up on the side, where you can click on them and display all articles with that "tag"

Anyway, there’s a limit of 1,000 tags that you can have…

and I’d like a way to “Merge” 1 tag into another, so say…

“Hamburgers” and “Chicken Sandwich” into “Food”.

There’s someone who has already developed this into Python ( )

But… I was wondering if it would be within your power to change it into a GUI for Windows. Or make one…

Like, make A screen to log in,

then it imports the list of tags (ex: ) on the left,

then you can ctrl+click to select 2 tags,

and then in the right box has a box to type in the new tag to merge those ones into. (Without erasing the, say, ‘food tag’ from previous entries or anything)

let me know if this is something you can do, or if it even can be done…

Also, im not sure if i should look up a python expert or a general windows-programmer expert to do this.

If you have ANY suggestions, that’d be great. Thanks :heart:

unfortuantely it can’t be done in c or c++. its a website work not mine fiels. sorry :expressionless:

I am interested in this topic, thank the experts advise …

Do you know about the GUI. I want School management project, student login ny using c++