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I will do CUSTOM seo report for a keyword of your website for $5


Actually i’m doing offline business in our local area with small business owners. After 14 months working in a parent company(name excluding) i have got good experience in SEO optimization. So i thought of freelancing, which could benefit me in getting good credibility & good ROI.

My sales comes under “ONLINE MARKETING” category with SEO as sub category. My service is pretty hard to get as in it involves time constraints. When i am filling the description, one of my friend had asked me “why you choose SEO as a gig” -He actually asked me because i have freelanced some other things like digital book writing for college lectures, making little illustration’s etc. I replied to him "I love this work though"

SO why i choose seo as gig? -Two main reasons comes into considerations.

1)will be getting good money.

2)Future customers(recurring)

As in my local job, the work i have done will not be getting any royalty for me. Where, in fiverr i’m getting clear credibility for my service & if my client likes the work, i would be getting recurring income & he would be benifited too! BTW the salary i am getting paid/month is around 236$. You can expect my situation for 12 months up there as a starter! So i thought of giving my own services to attain good work charges and financial freedom.

This is my work link:

This is my first & starter online service. Hope it goes good.

Thank you,