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I will do cyber crime investigation cyber forensics

80% of high-tech crimesthey are investigated with our help, without leaving the house.

**16 years of experience in the field of cybercrime.
**We work around the clock and around the world.

**Center for round-the-clock response to information security incidents.
**Fighting computer, financial and corporate crimes around the world.

**Learn about threats, leaks, hacks, and hacker activity before they can harm you.

Anti-piracy:** Protecting digital content: movies, music, SOFTWARE, mobile apps.
**Monitoring and responding promptly to misuse of your brand.
Collecting and processing: evidence that can be used for private investigations or in court.

**Deep understanding of criminal schemes.

  • Computer Forensics / Mobile Forensics,
    **Data Forensics / App’s Forensics.
  • Penetration Testing / Software testing.

**Individual approach to investigations.
**+ and other types of cybersecurity services.

Contact us to learn more about high-tech crime investigations.



Thanks for the information, cybercrime and fraud is on the rise now.

I was attacked by cybercriminals and at the moment my personal data appeared on the network. I turned to the special service and for 3 months my case has been investigated!