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I will do electronic circuit designing, problem solving, simulations and report writing


@faazlaiqbal894 but sir, this is not a marketing place.

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excuse me sir but don’t you know that i have selected the category which allows me to market my gig for your kind information.

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Your targeted customers aren’t here on the forum. You can find them by doing market research for your niche.

There are many free and paid keyword research tools can help you.

“Keyword research is the new market research method”

@faazlaiqbal894 share your in social media then you find your client

btw it’s not gig link. this link will redirect everyone to their own dashboard :joy: :joy:

When you want to share your gig here, go to your profile, choose your gig and then copy paste the url here.

@madhu2 - the original poster is allowed to share their gig in this category only.


Oh, I see.
Thanks sir for the information