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I will do excellent audio and video transcripts

Hello Welcome!

Thank you for viewing my transcription gig. I will deliver fast and accurate transcripts; both professional and personal within 24 hrs. Make an order today.
My services include but limited to:

  • Transcribing Meetings
  • Transcribing Podcasts
    -Transcribing Videos
    -Transcribing Audios
    -Transcribing Interviews
    -Transcribing Consultations
    -Transcribing Telephone Call
    -Transcribing Speeches
  • Transcribing Webinars

I will provide excellent transcription services that will be presented on word document or as otherwise requested. Let me assist you in meeting your project or business deadlines with the help of excellent, accurate, fast and reliable transcription services.

I have had experience in transcribing heavily accented audios. But I would appreciate a good quality audio, otherwise please contact me before ordering or, you can send me a sample.

I normally use Intelligent Verbatim transcribing standard which means all the ums, ahs and false starts are removed. If you need these to be included, please let me know as submission may take a little longer.

I will be your personal transcriber, and I am looking forward in working with you.

Thank you in advance.

Nice piece, but this is Seller Community.


I am a seller. Selling transcription services.

This is also a buyer community. The forum is for both buyers and sellers. :slight_smile:

Oh! That’s great !
So far I have seen only sellers blogs.

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