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I will do for you Easter Egg bronze

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else photo


I don’t actually know what I’m more impressed by, your idea to sell an Easter gift after Easter, your idea to pitch your top-quality ‘Easter egg’ on the Fiverr forum in ‘Tips for Buyers,’ or your attempt to try and flog your wares outside of the scope of the Fiverr payment system by including your own email…

I really am suitably impressed. My only hope is that Fiverr will one day create some kind of ‘Darwin Award’ level and badge for sellers of your particular competence and ingenuity.

Good luck!

Easter isn’t until May 1st in Greece (and I guess other Orth. countries, such as Russia). Still though, Darwin award. <golf clap>

I suggest not using the first photo since it is so blurry.

I thought it looked a bit like a fancy curtain railing end, or a doorknob. Or on the ruder end of the spectrum, a gentleman’s intimate toy when going solo.

It definitely doesn’t look like an egg. There should at least be a distinction between the holder and the orb. Do you think it would hold a boiled egg in a “classy” fashion? See, I think it would just fall out as soon as you tried to break the top with a spoon, so rubbish all around.

It says that “no two are alike” so you might get something totally different.

eh, marketing balderdash. This does seem to be unique as in I can’t find it on Alibaba (etc) or indeed anywhere else, and I can already think of some maketing spiel about modernist Faberge eggs, but…

Well, I saw a lot of curtain railing ends while I dun my research, so the point stands. No two are alike or not, it’s gonna need some good salesmanship to shift it. Or, it could be de-eggified, hollowed out and flogged to IKEA as part of its new FLOTSAM range of twiddly bits.

I think he makes these himself. Put into a sock it would make a dangerous weapon.