"I Will do Java Assignments...".... BUYER BEWARE! PLSE READ


I emailed this seller a couple of pertinent questions. The response I got was: " first send your problem statement… depending on the problem complexity, i charge…". That’s a direct copy and paste folks.

Although I’m a brand new buyer to Fiverr…I’m a wise-enough business-person to know that a response like that just doesn’t cut it. If there are hidden costs that a vendor/seller isn’t willing to answer questions on up-front (which is what I suspected), I walk…and I strongly urge anyone else to do the same! Cheers!


Well, being an IT guy selling here on Fiverr, I want to provide my 2cent advice.

If you take a look at my coding gig I clearly state that one gig is to work 30 minutes; I find this pretty normal: there are buyers asking me huge apps that require several hours to be fully developed and tested and I cannot really do such jobs for a single gig!

That said, I think that the seller you contacted just needed to see how complex was your assignment so he could have provided a real quotation…

Naturally I’m just guessing, but in my long experience I had several buyers overdemanding…


I think the seller is simply trying to be short. Save his time by not messaging much with “potential” buyers. Seriously, programming is not a simple work, and there are many people who literally understand nothing about it. Some user may buy a 5$ gig and request a development of top-grossing app for an iPhone. In my experience I had a person who wanted to hire me for one month to create a searcher of human photographs - “like you chose a photograph of some person on your disk, program scans the internet and shows you all the photographs where the same person was found”. :slight_smile:

It seems like there are many people with funny business-plans to hire a programmer for 500-1000$, ask him to create a better clone of Facebook, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, World-of-Warcraft, etc. And when work is done, sell the result for Gzillions!

Imagine that being seller (software developer) means you have to deal with these kind of requests on the regular basis! Spend your time explaining why that is not possible or why work will cost more. Many times, after explaining all that the buyer will simply disappear (will probably switch to another potential programmer), and you will get a Zero compensation for your time.

Don’t take it personally soaring_phoenix, I work in this field (not on Fiverr) and that is what I have to face quite often. We (programmers) like a clear explanation of the task. We need to estimate our resources and overall feasibility of the given project. Give us as much technical details as possible. If you’ve never created any programs before (by coding yourself or outsourcing), please, don’t assume that some functionality is really easy to implement and simple enough not to be even mentioned. You might think it is not a big deal, but it could be similar to changing a car design, so that it will be powered by electricity instead of petrol.

My advice would be to clearly explain your Java Assignment in some word document prior to contacting any programmer. After you can simply send it to a number of sellers and choose those who reply, or offer you better price/functionality.


Mike K.


Reply to @kornilov: Amen!! I completely agree with you, with every single word you said!


What happens when you have a buyer who purchased 1 gig, asking for a hosting package, domain name and website? … For $5?

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys


asking for a hosting package


Reply to @kornilov: the best request are the ones in which buyers

  • ask you things that you clearly state you cannot do in your description

  • ask you every sort of illegal bot

  • tell they have a low budget (tipically $5 or $10) and demand an app that could take several hours or days to be developed and tested

I don't dream people understanding basic programming, I dream for buyers able to understand that you work hard for them and so you deserve respect and must be paid for for your job :D
Luckily most of the buyers I have are really wonderful and their feedbacks worth more than money!! Human experiences I had with them cannot be bought, seriously!! :)


Reply to @mark74: The sad fact is that you are a programmer too, so we think alike! I can only imagine what kind of requests you receive here on Fiverr!

I dream of other people understanding some basic programming.


Reply to @mark74: “I dream for buyers able to understand that you work hard for them and so you deserve respect and must be paid for for your job” - Absolutely true! I dream of the same. But majority will not understand why it is hard (unless they try). It is like judging a work of some wizard. I don’t know how hard it is for HarryPotter to cast magic spells, for me it’s just waving a stick! Same for programming, we type something (like “please computer make me a new anti-virus with black jack …”) and voila we get a working program. Was it hard?

Human experience - definitely yes, however for me personally it was more of the challenge for some problem to be effectively solved.


Reply to @kornilov: yes, you have valid points :slight_smile:


true but you should know that there are people who sometime work for free too. Someone just sent me a project he worked on and was having some problems in it, I solved the minor bugs & sent him back and told him what to do next instead of saying you should order and i will complete it all. :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly. Some of the buyers order on $5 gig and willing to get the complex programming solutions even sometimes they need creativity too. They should have to communicate with complete project requirements, so the seller will be able to send them a quote with a deadline. This would also decrease the order cancellation. I hope this will help for both sellers and buyers.