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I Will do Keyword Research analysis 4 You Topup your site

With the base gig, I will do keyword research for your top product or service, and highlight the main phrases you

should be focusing on with your website's SEO.


$5 gig: is good for a few Keayword suggestions to start

$20 extra: is good for small sites or blog Keaywords for content creation

$40 extra: is the best option if you have more than 5 pages on your site, have a new site, or want more organic


$100 extra: is the professional's choice to ensure the most profitable, low competition focus kws for your

homepage, inner pages, and blogging strategy.
Organic Keyword Competition Only Included With Extras.
long it will take to rank each search term.

My KW research removes the guess-work to give you the best opportunity to rank higher in Google!

With my $25 packages, my strategy is to find relevant KWs with a good amount of searches. Then I find the organic kw

competition to see approx. how long it will take to rank it up page 1 in Google. I focus on low or medium

competition KWs whenever possible!

Provide a 10 KWs of available exact match domains +++++++++++++++ 5$ ---- 1day

research 50 keywords and provide my Recommendations on the Best 5 for You top up your Site +++++ 20$ ---- (1 day)

Research 100 keywords provide my Recommendations on the Best 10 For you Top up Ur Website +++++ 40$
(2 days)

research 300 KW & Provide My Recommendations on the 30 Best Words 4 you top up your site on google+++ $100 ---4


Do an Additional Keyword Analysis on your Top 10 Competitors for only 50$ in 3days

*NO gambling sites, illegal activity or adult sites.

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