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I Will Do Lead Generation, Targeted Email List And Lead Prospecting

I’m the Expert in Targeted Lead Generation, B2B Lead, web research, internet research, Market research, Targeted lead generation, data entry, data collection. I’ve been experienced about 4-5 years on Lead Generation, B2B Lead, web research, internet research, Targeted lead generation, market research.

I will need the following to understand your needs:

  1. Real State

  2. Information technology

  3. Education Institute

  4. Doctor or Physician

  5. Architect, Hotel, Plumbing and Alumni etc.

What Tools And Technique I Use:

I have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account, Access to ZoomInfo and I use Google Advanced search, Company website and other sources to generate leads. Then I verify the email addresses with these tools:



Nymeria (Paid) etc.

I’ll provide following details of the Leads:

Company Name, Website, Address, Company Phone, Contact Name, Title, Direct E mail Address, Linkedin Profile etc.

Important Note: Please contact me first before placing an order.


G M Tariqul Islam