I will do MINIMALIST logo


Dear client,
My working style is simple: Quality Over Quantity!
If you are looking for something unique, simple, clean and impressively - then this is the place for you.
Take a look at the My PORTFOLIO above and choose your PACKAGE, I’m here on Fiverr to design YOUR NEXT LOGO!


i was planning to make one
you good at it?


I’m Good as Well :D…


Why your photo is a logo from another freelance website?


now here is my sweet perfect multiversal version of one of my crush
just kidding :wink: @jhallawalla kese ho??


@madein5rr what a question sir BRAVO
this are fiverr noobs just go trough it LOL


I will design captivating flat logo in 6 hrs
Please Check my gig-


here we got another one
will you do one for free LOL


If you want to tell people about your gig you need to post in “My Fiverr Gigs” using your own heading. Also make sure the link just goes to your actual gig.


thanks for details instructions

yes we all should do that


:stuck_out_tongue: gf to milti nahi

ab bister se hi kaam chalana padega


I found one but she lost me lol


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im free check inbox if you need my service