I will do the jewelry clipping path job


About This Gig
About my Gig:
The jewelry clipping path is very important for your business. Without the jewelry clipping path, you can’t move in the big business. Clipping path makes to bright the jewelry image. On the other hand, rounds shape is very important for the jewelry image. I also maintain all rule like as hard corner, soft corner, round shape when I start the clipping path on jewelry image.

My services:

  1. Clipping path on jewelry images.
  2. Clipping path on any kind of images.
  3. Retouch & enhancement.
  4. Background remove.
  5. Neck join.
  6. Menu pollution.
  7. Hair masking.
  8. Drop shadow.
  9. 3D image.
  10. color correction.
    Other services:
  11. 100% satisfaction
  12. 100% quality
  13. Fast delivery
  14. 100% money back

You can see my Gig the jewelry clipping path before ordering.You can also contact with me in www.fiverr.com