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I will do vintage and modern logo design

Kokodesigners : I will do vintage and modern logo designs for $5
REACH ME OUT and check out my service it would be great experience…Check it out! kokodesigners will do vintage logo designs for $5

It is against forum rules to post a link as a heading so you just need to change this.

how could i change guide

There is a little “edit” pen at the end of the heading.

ok thanks .let me know that what should be in heading.

Just say “I will do vintage and modern logo designs”.

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thank you very much .

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Think you have misunderstood. The heading at the top needs to be changed … not the actual post. You can put the link with the picture that you had in your post above back again.

If you are not sure have a look at other posts in “My Fiverr Gigs”

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The heading is correct now … but the link in your post is wrong and does not go to your gig. Try and put the one with the picture that you had before back again.

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link is correct but still not working

Just delete the link as that goes to the Fiverr main page and leave the rest as it is. The other link is working.

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thanks and nice to meet u lloydsolutions.

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