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I will double your forex investment

I would like to introduce great opportunity for double your investment by the forex market. Every end of the month your funds will be double.

If you invest $25 then your profit is $25 or more. Actually, it is risk free investment method ever I seen. On the other hand, you can get back your investment. It is a new way to earn profit on forex.

So what I do for you? I will create an account for you or I will suggest that service. Then you can start your new earning method investing minimum fund like $25.

So just contact me. I will help you to do it correctly!


Who like to double invest fund every end of the month? :rofl:

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Why provide this as a service? If you invest $25 into your own program and double it each month end, in three years (36 months) you will have 1.7 trillion dollars the richest ever lived. With that types of money there is no need to sell service on fiverr

2^36*25/1000/1000/1000/1000 = 1.718

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I would love to double my investment, but I don’t have $35 ($25+10) at this moment. You do the investment for me, I will pay you double your fees each time after I start making money.

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why fiverr give chance to sell us?
Think, They have good fund. They can manage good staff and can provide best service better than us. And they can make profit better than now. But they giving chance to all of freelancers to work at fiverr.

On the other hand bankers provide fixed deposit service;
Forex brokers provide trading services;

So this is a one of service. I am selling my referral promotion here. So if you think it will turn into 1.718 yes you can join with it.

I am also joined!

Turn is your…

i will support you.please contact me on fiverr!

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I am so excited to become the world’s first trillionaire. Thanks @spiritmax123

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If you wait 5 years your investment will be higher than all the money ever issued in the history of mankind at 28 Quintillion = 28 million trillion. Quite an achievement I’d say.

2^60*25/1000/1000/1000/1000 = 28,800,000

You don’t need to wait for Fiverr permission to do anything. Fiverr is just a rounding error in 5 years, right?

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Yes you can test it… just invest $25 and be a millionaire!!
Hope you will enjoy your life!

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Are you a Billionaire, OP?

Sri Lanka seems to have only a few billionaires, OP, and you are not one of them. How much time would it take do you think for one to become a billionaire with your strategy?

Ok, Please message me, I want to become a millionaire!!

If you can invest in forex market and trade well then it is not hard! Like every bankers in forex market.

If you have not a good idea about how forex market working, then please do not take this post as a joke. This post not about millionaire!! I am saying you can invest in forex market and can take the profit end of the month without any lost.

It means Your funds never lost like traditional forex trading. It is one of service providing by one of newbie forex brokers. So I also invested and waiting for my profits. On the other hand, I get their promotional links and promoting here and trying to earn more profit.

Hope you got it well!

I think you’re good at Math, why not you teach Math as a gig on fiverr, It will make more money than $25 Investment :joy:

So in short what you are trying to do is get people to sign up under you?? How will that work, will you ask them to pay to a different website other than fiverr? Or with they pay you through fiverr you make the investment then send the money back with some profit?

Yes you can invest through me. I will handle your investment funds and return profit via fiverr!

Two investors found!!

I went through your profile now and a lot of cancellation. If you re making enough money you should not be on Fiverr.

Yes lot of cancellation. It happened 1 years ago. At the time i did technical support! You can see my one of gig related to technical support!

No one can double your forex investment.

Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX