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I will draw and design you a cartoon LOGO for $5


I’m not new on Fiverr just got back from hiatus. Thus my level 2 seller status and tons of ratings and sales.

I’m experienced in delivering what my client needs beginning from design direction, execution, and after sale. From your idea, to my sketch, and into prints. I will assist and help you in any situation.

Scroll down a few times to see the sample cartoon logos, or check my full portfolio here:

For $5 I will deliver: One original black/white logo design.


  1. Add $5 for Final colored logo in lineart/no-line digital format.
  2. Add $5 for Vector file + Copyright for printing.

    REVISIONS are free within reason. :slight_smile:

    I need you to provide:

    1.Order the gig.

    2.Name of the Business / Brand (e.g. Hello Design Company)

    3.Type of Business (e.g. Graphic Design)

    4.Preferences on Colors (e.g. Red, Blue, Brown)

    5.Preferences on Shapes (e.g. Circle)

    6.Preferences on Object or Person (e.g. Santa Claus)

    That’s all, I look forward to work with you for your logo!

Another order done, a funny monkey with halo cartoon logo. :slight_smile:

2015 Bump! Got several orders already! :slight_smile:

All orders are completed and samples updated here:


6 orders purchased and only 4 free slot for the special offer remaining! :slight_smile:


Bumping. :slight_smile:

Bump. :slight_smile: