I will draw any character in a creepy style for $5



If you’re interested, please take a look.


Reply to @drawforever: Are you on DeviantArt? (It’s not for deviants, don’t worry, just indie artists in your genre.) Join some ebook publishing sites in the bookcover section and promote there as well as on Pinterest. Put your link in your sigs and do some Facebook networking. Word gets around. Good luck!


Image example.


Ha! Awesome! :smiley: You’d probably be an in-demand bookcover artist with the self-published fantasy crowd if you want to develop your graphics skills in concert with the art.


Reply to @crcanny: Thanks. :smiley: But I don’t think I’m in-demand though. I have trouble getting any buyers. So far I have only one buyer.


Yes I am on Deviantart for 3 years already and I know that it’s next to impossible to get buyers from there because that place consist of some immature kids that ask for free work all the time ,lots of competition and you can’t get any work because you are not popular. As for ebook publishing sites, I’ll go search for one. Thanks for the idea.


Reply to @drawforever: You can also make a gig “I’ll create a character for your fantasy book cover”, with the caveat that you’re not making the actual cover, just creating the character. Book covers are really in demand here. :smiley:


Reply to @crcanny: I didn’t know book covers are in demand. I thought children’s book illustration is in demand and I didn’t want to do a full blown drawing complete with coloured background and every little details.

Maybe I will created that gig after I create some eye catching examples. But right now I’m busy with other things.


=(( :-j


Now my gig has a video after 2-3 fail attempts… 8-} :))