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I will draw any character in chibi form

Hello, I’m Kazu.

I’ll draw any character that you requested in chibi form. It can be any character from anime, manga, games, your OC, and even yourself.


  • Send me the reference. The more detailed the better. If you want a chibi of yourself, you can send a photo of you.
  • Add the description (as detail as possible)


  • I’ll draw them in my style
  • due to limited time, I only can provide transparent and simple color background.
  • I only do revision once (and hopefully only a minor revision), so please describe your request as clear as possible :slight_smile:
  • I only accept one B/W chibi and one coloured chibi commissions per week to maximize the result, so it means 2 slots are open atm
  • If the request is too complex, additional fee might be charged.

Thank you for your interest!