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I will draw anything else in various styles and themes


Hi, my name is Michela. I am an illustrator.
I can draw/color in various styles and themes like manga/anime, realistic, fantasy etc. I draw portraits, comic books, character design for videogames, t-shirts, book covers, tattoo sketches etc.
Feel free to submit all the commissions that you want and my prices are cheap.
In my profile you can see some examples of my artworks and other gigs.
Thank you


I saw your work and it really well done ! My first tattoo was typical 18 year old silliness. Myself and my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) were walking along one day and saw a “Tattoo” sign, and suddenly HAD to have one. Being young and crazily in love, we chose to get the Japanese kanji for “love” inked into our left shoulders. Soon our anniversary and I want to get next .I found so cool watercolor ideas in tattoo-journal .Think about owl


Thank you so much for your appreciation.
I realized just now of your message.
However if you are interested feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


I updated my profile with a new gig. Feel free to contact for more details.
Thank you




up. In my profile you can see many other gigs. You are welcome :slight_smile: