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🌟 I will draw High Quality Animestyle for you 🌟

Hi, I’m Moeqit :yum:, a male, and a 2D animestyle artist living and working in Indonesia :indonesia: . I really love drawing anime style such as fan art, oc, illustrations, character design, chibi, monsters :dragon_face: etc.^^
actually i’m new on fiverr an only has 2 gigs right now, but if you want more information about me and my artwork, please check my deviantart account here


Holy moly…you’re really good in this, and im not exaggerating or anything! They look so good! I was just thinking of opening a gig selling chibi stuffs but after looking at yours, I think I need to amp up my skill first before actually opening one…eheheh :sweat_smile:

thank you for appreciating my work^^ , well I think upgrading skills is also important, but there’s no need to wait to start gigs^^. believe it or not, my drawing skill improve a lot when i start to accept people requests^^

Yeah…that’s kinda true since at some point, we start to learn as we work…but in order for that to happen, we need a strong base skill first…ahaha. By the way if you’re okay, could I know what software do you use for those? Is it by photoshop?

i made it with medibang & photoshop for some touching^^