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I will draw you in manga or anime style!


So I have a few gigs regarding the title.

In this gig below, you can order a very snazzy anime sketch with color and it can be up to full body.

In the gig below, I will draw you a lineart of your drawing up to the waist. If you would like it to be colored and shaded very precisely, order the gig extra included!

In the gig below I have listed, I will traditionally sketch you a beautiful anime/cartoon headshot and very detailed.

Thanks for reading guys! Please don’t hesitate to drop me a note to approve your picture and to see if I can make changes, etc. I will do my best for your picture, and I will do a re-do ONLY if it is a mistake on my behalf. You failing to include a detail or a part of a picture is not my fault.

Thanks again ~~ c:

Love, xoxo AJdrawings


Here are some examples of my works.