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I Will Draw Your Character In Japanese Anime And Manga Style


hello! check out my gig here:

I Will Draw Your Character In Japanese Anime And Manga Style

thank you! :slight_smile:


Great stuff! :slight_smile:
You should probably partner up with a game designer or an animator.


This bump won’t help you much.
Here’s what will

  • Go through these
  • Create more gigs and target various buyer groups. For example, create one gig specifically for game designers or simply gamers looking for an avatar. Another for comic book nerds. These are random examples, but I think you get the idea.
  • I think you can add up to 3 images per gig. The more gigs you have the more you can showcase your drawings. For example, if you create a gig for game avatars then create 3x3 grid with various female characters. Then a buyer can easily pick their favorite character and make a quick order.
  • Do some linking between gigs and think about upselling. Create a “fast food” gig where a buyer can pick a pre-made character for $5 and in the gig description, you can link it to another gig where you sell a custom made characters at a higher price. So you have 2 separate gigs covering 2 low/high paying customer and you’re upselling custom gig for “fast food” clients.

The best thing about your service is that you’re actually talented :slight_smile:
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be successful on this platform. The only roadblock I see is that you don’t know how to promote your gigs.
You might wish to hire someone to come up with an effective action plan. I made these recommendations with 0 research. Imagine if you hire someone who actually takes the time to analyze your target audience & competitors :wink:


oh my thank you very much for the tips!
you’re absolutely right, i totally dont know how to promote my gig, i never thought that G+ would have that much impact in promoting your gig either.

there is one day when my gig got like 4k impression (it usually only 100) but i dont know what happen at all…

i’ll try to do what you’re suggesting, thank you very much once again :slight_smile:


just a bump, for a better tomorrow