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I will draw your own chibi


I will draw your own chibi just for $5. It can be your original character, a chibi version of someone you know, a famous actor... Everyone you want! You have some examples of chibis I already made for other people on DeviantArt.

I just need a reference image. If it is an original character of your own, a description will also be accepted, but take in mind he or she could look different than you thought.

Every extra character will add $5. They can be either on different images or in the same. And if you order 5 characters, you will get one for free! You can add background too for a little extra!

You will receive a jpg file. If you request it, though, I can give you a png so you can use your chibi to personalize everything you want, but just in case your chibi doesn't have background.

Original design of the chibi shown in this post by AshitaMaya