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If it’s targeted down to a small niche, how can you guarantee the amount of visitors that would be interested in the advertised website daily? Especially if it is search engine traffic, in which case you would have no control over how many visitors are searching for the site.


Its mean website promoted in FB groups and similar place… Its a visitors traffic, so website promote with in groups member and similar. Its not a about clicks. Thanks


I’m with you @adsensewizard . I see these gigs all the time, websites promoted in FB groups. Would be ideal to know the groups the link is being sent to. Not sure how you can target a certain niche in a certain group… or groups. You’d have to have hundreds of groups on standby in order to target different niche markets.


Jingling or Hitleap?
Or something old like Fatboy’s bot or TT?


Just promotion with Group Members only. and Get clicks. That’s it.


Do you provide the proof of posting on the fb groups? Like the link to the posts? If yes, I would be interested to order a gig for my portfolio site.


Very interesting. How many niches are supported currently? Is it one niche per FB group?